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It's not surprising that Lexi McCain is friends with Rita Daniels. Rita, one of our most popular ladies, is a fuck slut who loves cock. Lexi is a fuck slut who loves cock. Rita takes everything her men can give her. Lexi takes everything her men can give her. One of these days, we're going to have to get Lexi and Rita together for a threesome. Or maybe a gang bang. One man isn't enough for Lexi and Rita. Today, however, is about Lexi. "We're going to have a great time today," Lexi says. "I'm going to suck. I'm going to lick and fuck."
And she's going to take a load of cum deep inside her pussy. Now, back to that "fuck-slut" aspect of Lexi. The dude has a big cock, but Lexi gets it deep into her mouth, then savors it with her tongue, talking dirty, then going down for another deep suck. When the guy fucks her face, he doesn't have to hold back because Lexi's throat is deep and can take a lot. But the best part is the cream pie. Lexi's on all fours with Juan slamming her pussy from behind, then he cums deep inside of her, and her very pink pussy opens up, and cum comes dripping out. Check out how pink her pussy is. Check out how her pussy lips flap. "Hey, I told you I'm a slut, didn't I?" Lexi said. And the woman doesn't lie.

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