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This week we have Allie joining us. Here’s the story on this girl. I guess, let me start from the beginning. Awhile back I shot Ashley3. During that scene it came up that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. Then, she wants to shoot a second scene and she lets me know that she’s not only back together with her boyfriend but that they are now married. He comes in and shoots the scene where she sucks us both off and swallows both of our loads at the same time. Nice!!! So anyway, then I do her mom. Then I do her sister(Jessie). Then I get a call from Jessie that she has a friend who wants to shoot. Come to find out, Ashley3 and her husband are broken up and this new girl is Ashley3’s ex-husband’s current girlfriend. And that girl is Allie and here she is. :-) Ashley3’s ex is who drove her to the shoot. He waited downstairs while i banged his girlfriend. He’s my new bestie. :-)

Allie is a real sweetheart. Very submissive. She not only has never done porn before, she’s never in her life had anal sex before. You’ll find out all about her in the interview.

I did the angles for part 1 a little different this time. Just trying to switch things up a bit. It came out well I think. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Allie has also never licked a guy’s ass. That’s changed now. I told her to lick it like it was a pussy and she went for it. Excellent rimming. Top 3, that’s for sure. For the money shot for part 1, I just had Allie continue sucking me off till I came directly into her mouth. Had her show it off a bit and then swallow it down.

For part two, pretty much standard stuff. I tried to cover all of the major positions while at the same time letting Allie have some fun on my cock. It will be very obvious to you that this is Allie’s first anal ever. It’s always a treat to be a girls first anal. You gotta be gentle with them but earning their trust and just knowing you’re the first guy to plow that field, it’s awesome. :-) I did go very slow as that’s all that Allie could handle and I didn’t want to send her home traumatized.

I really really think Allie has a beautiful face. I can’t explain what exactly it is about her face that I like so much but I just do. And I wanted to cum on it. So I did. Had her lay back and fucked her mouth a bit before pulling it out and unleashing all over her face.

Off she went to clean up a bit. Then she hit the couch for some exit-interview. After that we went downstairs. I thanked her boyfriend and off they went. Great guy. Super nice and obviously very open sexually if he’s willing to let me fuck his wife and then his girlfriend. I was joking with Allie that I hope they break up so he can get a new girlfriend and bring her to me. :-)

That concludes this week’s scene summary. Hope you enjoy.

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