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Hope you guys don’t mind the porn stars I gotta pepper in here occasionally. Since around Sept 2010, the stable of first-timers has dried up tremendously. Geesh, I can’t believe I have to ask for foregiveness for fucking a hot pornstar on camera. :-)

You have met Bailey before. She came in and gave MaryAnn and Autumn their first lesbian experiences. Ever since Bailey was in my studio over a year ago, I’ve always wanted to fuck the shit out of her. Her face is gorgeous. Her body is awesome. She’s also not an idiot and is a pleasure to talk too. Hmmmm, my future ex-wife? Perhaps. :-)

I told one of my buddies that I was going to shoot Bailey. He forwarded me a clip of her and said “that girl is going to rip your dick off.” FUCKER!!! That actually got into my head and I was pretty nervous by the time she arrived. She showed up looking pretty average in jeans and a jacket. She headed upstairs to get dressed and put on some make-up and then came down looking unbelievably INCREDIBLE!!!!

Anyway, since she’s not a first timer I spent more time asking her about her porn life rather that how many guys she’s been with or whatever. Then it was time to get down to business.

You know, i don’t really know exactly how to describe this scene. Obviously we did all the things I normally do but there’s a certain slutty essence to this girl that just comes naturally to her. She’s either a great manipulator of men, which is most likely the case. :-) Or she just oozes this “I’m a perfect slut but I’m your perfect slut” feeling. I don’t know what the fuck I’m trying to say other than I had an incredible time and she made me feel like she did too.

Her normal BJ skills are awesome. She can take a cock down her throat with no problems. Seems very proud of that skill. :-) Her face is fucking gorgeous IMHO. And watching that gorgeous face as she tongue’d my asshole with a fervor few girls can offer, I just about lost my load right there. I did switch up the order of the money shots this time. I dropped my first load all over her pretty face. I knew I had cum a lot when, after about 10 squirts, i heard her mutter “wow.”

During the break we snuggled. Ok, no we didn’t but whatever. Once Mr Happy was at full staff, I laid her back and had my way with her. Err, actually she may have had her way with me. I’m not sure. All I know is she likes to fuck and fuck hard. And it’s not the “fuck hard so I can get this dumbass to nut and get off me” It was “I’m a girl who likes to get FUCKED!!!”

After various positions I took a dip in Bailey’s butt. Amazingly tight for a pornstar. At first anyway. Once it was loosened up, I was free to move about the sphincter. It was awesome. Don’t know what more to say.

What I knew at the time though was that I needed to watch her beautiful mouth take a load of my man-seed and watch her swallow it down into her tummy. And so it was. :-)

A few more minutes of exit-interview and off went Ms Brooks back into her pornworld. I wish I could shoot her every day. But that would make for a pretty boring site. :-(

Good scene. Hope you enjoy.

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