Broke Amateurs - Kathy [GB]

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Note : She is not my taste so I couldn't make screens by manual capture... sorry...

Video Length : 30min 08sec

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Video Size : 340mb 720x480

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This week we have Kathy returning for an anal gangbang. I’m never too sure what to write up on these bang scenes. I mean, they’re pretty much all the same, right? I’m even less sure what to write up about this one. This girl confuses me. She confused me in her one on one scene and she confused me again on this one. She approached me wanting to do it. Says she likes some minor bdsm stuff. Even claims she had a great time and wants to do it again. But she’s SOOOO damn quiet, I really just don’t know what to make of it. So I’ll let you make your own determination on it. There were a number of you who asked for this so this ones for you. :-)

No stills this week because I again forgot my camera. I was gonna use the video camera to take some but I took one and then forgot all about it till the end so please forgive me for that. Remembered to take stills of next week’s girl though. :-) I KNOW you guys will like that one.

Till next time.

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