Broke Amateurs - Wendie [Anal and Creampie February 19, 2011]

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Note : She is not my taste so I couldn't make screens by manual capture... sorry...

Video Length : 37min 43sec

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Good day gentlemen. The week of February 19th brings us Wendie….and Duke. Nice lil scene. Wendie fills us in on her sexual experience before hitting her knees to prove it on video. With Wendie’s blessing, Duke proceeds to throat her a bit and she actually seems to like it. My kinda girl. :-) Duke pokes her face in various positions before dropping a load into Wendie’s mouth for her to savor and swallow.

A few moments later Duke has Wendie bent over the couch and is going at her. Missionary and doggie followed by some glorious glorious anal fucking. Gotta love a girl who’ll let you fuck her in the butt after knowing her for 30 minutes. Sounds like my ex-wife. Oh wait, that wasn’t me, that was every other guy she met besides me. :-)

Part 2 ends with a very nice creamy creampie. Without asking, Wendie just reaches down and plays with it as it’s pooled in her pussy. Very nice.


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