Classic Inter Racial Gang-Blowbangs Part 2 - 6 Full Separate Hi Res Files - DPs - High Ranking Facials - by jigsawHB

CategoryPorn / Anal
Size2.00 Gb
Uploader oman
actors: Draw a blank on most, but know Kayia Lynn (File 2) and Misty May (File 4) for sure
video length: All of 'm together somewhat over 03:15 hrs
video format: AVI High Resolution
video size: 4.36 GB

description: Very little to add to the title and the tags, really. Will let the screens and the snapshots do the rest of the talking. The screengrabber wouldn't accept file 3 (Kiwi?), but it is worthwile mentioning it's an extensive scene, with 01:17:16 hrs of top notch Gang.Bang action. On File 5 I couldn't re.trace the very beginning anymore, btw, but I reckoned a brunette and a bunch of black guys would make a fine addition to this episode's assortment. ;) Definitely some of my own favorites in there. The scene with 2 ebony girls getting DP'd at the same time by a load of shiny white cocks (File 1), for example, ranks way up there with Old Yeller dying, and Bambi's poor ol' mommy getting shot by the mean hunterman. Top Class Entertainment ! ;-D Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to enjoy the second edition of Classic Inter.Racial Gang.Bangs, by Yours Truly. (;D Ps. If the titties on the American Asian girl in file 3 somehow turn out to be natural after all I hereby promise I'll be a good boy for ever more. (Cross my heart and hope to lie ;-D) File 1 :
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