Queensnake - Stinging Nettle (Extreme Nettle Play, Nettles in Pussy)

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Let me start by say that this girl is crazy! I've seen alot of nettle videos but none compare to this one. 40 minutes of her torturing herself with nettles on her nipples, breast, clit, asshole and even inside her cunt.
First 10 minutes of the video focus on her using nettles over her breast and nipples. And from watching several of her videos she appears to have quite sensitive nipples. It's amazing to watch her continue pressing and rubbing these painful plants into her nipples even while she is screaming and moaning in pain.
Then for nearly the next 30 minutes she turns her attention to her waiting pussy which is spread wide open with a couple strips of duct tape so that there is no protection for her sensitive inner lips and clit. She begins by laying the nettles completely covering her pussy and asshole and takes her hand and repeated slaps her spread cunt. When the nettles start getting wilted she goes ahead and packs then into her pussy hole where they stay for the remaining 20 minutes!
Slight warning toward end of the video she begins pissing with the nettles still inside her. If your not into that you might want to skip the last five minutes of the video. Although check out the last minute or so where she masterbates and cums on the bunch of plants stuff up her twat.
All in all an amazing video by an incredible woman. Still have few more videos of her to post, so please continue to comment and tell me what you think of her.
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